Because happiness is in small things, we have decided to create products that offer you a high degree of comfort, wherever you are, in your own home or a rented apartment. Our products turn any room from a simple one into a luxurious one. 

“My Comfy Zone” hug you!

My Comfy Zone Team

"create your own comfy zone anywhere"

I've got this as a gift for my birthday and I'm totally excited about it, as I'm a comfort lover. I love the things that make you feel comfortable at home. When you get home in the evening, tired from work, you make yourself a cup of tea, stretch out on this silky, fluffy rug and you`ll have a total relaxation.
After looking at like a millions furs, I finally decided to ordered this to put over a chair I had from Nordstrom and it is stunning! It really added an elegance to the chair and the entire room. The fur is well made and soft.
My leather chair was cold when I sat on it, and it was necessary to cover it with some warmth, especially for my baby. The rug is fixed easily on the chair, I can easily wash it, for me it’s perfect. My daughter loves this cover.

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